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   Chongqing General Aviation Co., Ltd (CQGA) is registered and established on April 23, 2012, a subsidiary company with a registered capital of 0.15 billion RMB wholly owned by Chongqing General Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. It locates in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing with a primary operation base in Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport, Chongqing. CQGA is a Type A general aviation company. 

   CQGA got the Business License on April 26, 2013, a CCAR-91 Certificate of Operation on Mar. 26, 2014 and a CCAR-145 Maintenance Permit on Mar.26, 2014. On Dec. 13, 2017, CQGA was issued the CCAR-147 Maintenance Training Organization Certificate. Meantime, CQGA is an Enstrom authorized helicopter after-sale service and maintenance organization & China Customer Service Facility of Bell Helicopter Corporation.

   CQGA’s main business covers emergency rescue, aerial forest fire protection, agricultural spay, aerial photography, aerial advertising, air patrol, urban fire control, helicopter hosted service, helicopter maintenance, aviation material sales etc. The Company mainly operates Enstrom 480B helicopters, and at the same time brings Bell 407GX and 412EP helicopters to China in order to meet different operation demanding in general aviation industry.

   Since CQGA is established, all staff make unremitting efforts and adhere to the principle of “Safety first” so that an operating capability of the Company is improved greatly as well as the business has a steady growth. Nowadays, the Company has been a general aviation operating company with a big scale and great influence in Southwest China region. In future, the Company will continue to enhance a comprehensive supportability, and extensively develop a social public business of general aviation so as to make positive efforts for air emergency rescue & relief of Chongqing.

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